We know how important your pet’s health and wellbeing is to you, and we want to make sure all members of your family can enjoy the July 4th holiday. Pets can get anxious from the fireworks, so if you feel your pet needs help, we have a variety of medications to support them. Please do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that your pet is covered and has the medicine they need. Common signs of anxiety are shaking, destructive behavior, decreased appetite, incontinence, and excessive salivation.

Outside of medicine, there are other ways to make sure that your pet is feeling their best. It’s important to do a little prep work before the big day, and your pet will be so happy that you did!

First and foremost, find a safe space in your home for your pet. A quiet area away from the noise and excitement of the holiday is best. Be sure to put their favorite blankets, toys, and treats there so that they feel most comfortable. We even recommend playing music or giving them “busy toys” to keep them occupied.

You can also start playing firework noises in the home leading up to the fireworks displays, gradually making the noises louder so that your pet can become desensitized to these noises. By simply Googling “firework sounds for dogs,” you’ll be able to recreate the scary noises in a controlled setting, slowly getting your pet used to the bangs and blasts.

There are plenty of anti-anxiety medications that can help your pet. If you feel that this is the best route to take, please call us at 503-657-6553 to get more information! Please have a happy and safe holiday!

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