Thank you for your kind words. 

You and your team are fantastic. You care very much about animals, and the owner of the furry family member.

Marian B.

Dr Burnett and the others there were very professional and friendly! Maiey was in good hands!

Debbie J.

You care about the animals you treat.

Linda T.

Everyone is so kind and caring about our pets and us as well. I appreciate that both Dr and Derek take the time to listen both on the phone and in the office. Thank you!

Marsha N.

I like the way the staff is so caring, friendly and helpful. My pet was cared for and treated very well. THANKS!!!

Monica W.

Always concerned for Wilson’s well-being. 🙂

Tina V.

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff! The owners worked hard to make sure we were happy with everything. Our dogs tolerated the examine better than any previous vet and we will not hesitate to go back!

Troy F.

Very friendly and professional staff. Also very patient with Hunter, my very excitable and well nutritioned (overweight) Golden Retriever. Dr. Burnett is very knowledgeable and caring.She and her staff should have a bright future. I would recommend them to all of my fellow pet parents.

Clifford E.

Caring and knowledgable staff. Great team there. I trust my Juniper Griswold in their capable hands.

Kyla H.

I don’t like change, but the staff at Hometown Vet is wonderful. They are friendly, patient and efficient. Dr. Burnett is VERY knowledgeable and great with my high-maintenance 13-year-old Welsh Terrier. I’m so glad they put up with me too.

Linda H.

I think you are very thorough with my pets and answer all of my questions to my satisfaction and show a genuine concern for animals.

Mike W.

I have 2 dogs one is very calm and a vet’s dream and of course, he was fine, the other is 24 lbs of hellfire on 4 paws and the nursing staff was very patient and kind, the dr. did her best at calming him down and was semi-successful and gave us the best veterinarian experience we have had in our 5 years of owning him.

Mike C.

Very kind and caring staff. Easy appointments and treat your pets very well.

Rick T.

A great place to go to receive good care for our daschund, Studley. Dr. Burnett is quite knowledgeable and her staff is very good!

Sue W.

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